0x037 – Linux tip: How to mount a BitLocker NTFS partition on Debian/Ubuntu Linux

First of all install dislocker, for doing that install aptitude and then $sudo aptitude search dislocker once you find dislocker install it, with: $sudo apt-get install dislocker once you have it installed, then you should run something similar to this: $sudo fdisk -l to discover your disk, and then $sudo dislocker -u[YOUR_PASSWORD_GOES_HERE] /dev/sdb1 /mnt/hdext $sudo … Continue reading 0x037 – Linux tip: How to mount a BitLocker NTFS partition on Debian/Ubuntu Linux

0x036 – Cloud Computing

“Cloud Computing, the long-held dream of computing as a utility, has the potential to transform a large part of the IT industry, making software even more attractive as a service and shaping the way IT hardware is designed and purchased”, (Armbrust et. al., 2010). INTRODUCTION Cloud computing concept didn’t come to the light to swallow … Continue reading 0x036 – Cloud Computing

0x035 – Biometric Technology

INTRODUCTION With the introduction of biometric studies into the computer science, the first devices and methodologies started to grow in such manner we can see fingerprints scanners in airports, voting machines in democratic countries and even in ATM’s (very common in Brazil). There are different methods to identify an information system user, including fingerprints and … Continue reading 0x035 – Biometric Technology

0x034 – Auditing for Security

INTRODUCTION Today we have methods to make it possible to audit systems, which can be used for good or for the worse, and it is something that can be achieved through external or third-part systems, or it can be implemented with some methodology and techniques which allows the investigation and analysis of events which occurred … Continue reading 0x034 – Auditing for Security

0x033 – Copyright compensation

INTRODUCTION As an example of copyright infringement, since the MPEG layer 3 compression algorithm was made available on the internet in the 90’s (Davis, 1995), the ease of getting a CD device, ripping it and making this available for millions of users through the internet, allowing users to make the use of the artistic and … Continue reading 0x033 – Copyright compensation

0x032 – Electronic Monitoring

INTRODUCTION In spite of the electronic devices such as cameras, fingerprints and identity cards, for instance being used by the police in the past in regards to criminal situations, today is very and very more often that this devices are developed by the industry to help companies on achieving their goals, being possibly regarding policies … Continue reading 0x032 – Electronic Monitoring

0x031 – Blocking Methods

In usage almost 99% of the companies computers, the windows operating system have huge evidences of its fragility in the protection of malware and spyware, which are easily installed and replicated through many machines in the work environment (Chris Hoffman, 2016). As a security solution blocking methods including blocking websites, and monitoring the computer activity … Continue reading 0x031 – Blocking Methods