0x00D – Quick Tips on Internet Privacy to Make your Windows Box Safe

Today I am posting to give you some quick tips regarding internet security.

  1. Network Activity Firewall

Since I installed Windows 10 I am thiking about security issues like monitoring. I’ve found a very nice firewall (which is free too 🙂 ) -> Comodo Firewall (https://www.comodo.com/), which has really nice functions and is very configurable.


Here is a screenshot of Comodo Firewall Running.

2. AdwCleaner

One of the most boring thing on Windows is the weakeness on malware and spyware software. Even having its own malware protection, most of the times it is ineffective. The tool I use for that is AdwCleaner, which really does a really nice job on cleaning spywares and malwares.


Link: http://adwcleaner.br.uptodown.com/download

3. CCleaner

Another tool with really nice results in terms of cache cleaning and unnecesessary and suspicious files is the CCleaner Tool. you can also use its free version.


Link: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download

4. Safe DNS Servers

Use can use alternative DNS servers to resolve your pages. It can be faster and safer than using your ISP DNS servers. I can suggest you the Cmodo DNS servers, which are:


That’s all for today. With this software and tips I am sure you will make you PC 100% safer when running Windows.