Security in Social Media


The objective of this is small article is to reflect and give a point of view of who is responsible for the information from the social media, analyze who owns data, what people must me aware of sharing, implications and a conclusion for the subject and the reflections given.


Every day millions of people share their information in social network websites and the question that comes out is, who owns the information shared?

Instagram is a good example to use. This is stated that:

People in the Instagram community own their photos, period. On the platform, if someone feels that their copyright has been violated, they can report it to us and we will take appropriate action. Off the platform, content owners can enforce their legal rights.” (The Washington Post, 2015).

That means, it someone copy your pictures on the platform, you can ask support or rights, but if someone steal your pictures and use off the platform, Instagram not really can help you, and you should look for your rights on your own.


Figure 1 Instagram data exposed to an exhibition (The Washington Post, 2015)


The question of data security in social networks is a point which needs to be cared carefully, specially because there are thousands of sensible data and this information is really valuable and sensible.

People just need to be aware that what is posted on the internet will be stored forever. One good example of that is the Internet Wayback Macine, which stores billions of internet pages over years and years (The Internet Wayback Machine, 2016).


Figure 1 Google WebPage in 1999 (The Internet Wayback Machine, 2016).


People need to be careful with what is shared on the internet. As the instagram examples given, there are uncountable amount of data which very relevant and important from users, and everyone need to be aware of what is happening on the internet today.


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Published by Ademir Constantino

Software Engineer