Electronic Monitoring


In spite of the electronic devices such as cameras, fingerprints and identity cards, for instance being used by the police in the past in regards to criminal situations, today is very and very more often that this devices are developed by the industry to help companies on achieving their goals, being possibly regarding policies of the company or even to help the company to operate in a good health helping it to succeed in the business world.

With the usage of electronic monitoring the company is able to check how much time the employee spend at work, how productive they are, the usage of applications and when they do better at work and when they do less (HubStaff, 2017).


Today I am working as a consultant for a small size company where there are no policies being formalized, but there are rules the employees know they have to follow.


In the company I work today. we have a very little  monitoring system which is called Squid. This tools is not only used for monitoring for also for caching internet results which were already accessed in the past (Squid, 2017).


Cameras are everywhere in the company, not only to supervise the professionals, but in my country it is very common to have assaults in all kind of companies, so this is common that the company equip every room with cameras as a security device to serve as footage in case something happens.


In the company I work for there is the usage of fingerprints to unlock doors, in order to provide access in some rooms only for allowed persons. For instance, in the development room is accessed only by the development related people (Advance Systems, 2017).


I personally think since the company have its concerns in regards to the good performance of its operations and the need of being successfully achieving the customer deals or negotiations, monitoring is valid in the terms which will allow the company to operate the way it needs to do. I personally believe the security devices are ways to secure the company to allow that its operations happens without surprise or even lead to the bankrupt of the company.


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