0x030 – The Elections Case


My object of supposition here would be my country elections whose my ethical conduct would affect the national perspectives for four or even for all the time. Firstly, I’d like to mention I have a libertarian mindset, I believe in democracy and I am a supporter of capitalism.


Supposedly, am the most important developer of the automated voting machine developed in Brazil by the TSE (freely translated to Superior Electoral Court). Brazil started developing in the 90’s the electronic voting system, and in 2000, “it became the first country to have elections completely by an electronic voting system and has since remained at the forefront of the electronic voting movement” (Gloria, L. & Nicole E., 2007).


This is year we have the elections, and my manager asks me to make the system compute for every vote to a particular candidate, reduce somehow the quantity of votes of another candidate and compute all the votes to “our boss”.

Since the vote is electronic and secret, that would be difficult to track if the elections have the new democratic present or not. However, If I do my manager’s request I’d support a dictatorship regime my country.


From my conduct and ethical thought I would never accept (despite my social engineering) even for becoming a rich man after all that.

  • First: I fear the Jail, if someone discover that I’d be a criminal;
  • Second: I wouldn’t betray my national as we have to at the age of eighteen years old to swear allegiance to defend the nation – even being obligatory I’d keep it;
  • Thirty: I believe dictators have relations with communism, and massacre people leading them to live in the what the Marx theory call the proletariat (Marx, K. & Engels. F., 1848);


In spite of knowing the difficulties of looking for help in a situation like this one, if I had no choice and had the obligation of doing I would do to do not risk my life, but would look asylum overseas and provide evidences of the dictator regime to authorities, what would possibly create real impact in the world. However I’d never take this responsibility to other people since I’d know for the rest of my life my country was under a dictatorship regime.


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