The Wireless Communication and its Impact in the Society Today


The subject of my weekly discussion is social change caused by new communication resources created by the new inventions of mankind. To begin, I introduce ways of communicating like the wireless telegraph and the wireless telephone, how they impacted the way we communicate in the familiar, business and other regular human relationships.

 The invention of the Wireless Telephone

In spite of being unknown for some people, the priest Landell de Moura is with no doubt one of the most notable scientists in Brazil, and his contribution to the modern communication and society is relevant until today. He was the precursor of wireless communication. (Alencar, M. S., Alencar, T. T. & Lopes, T. A, 2004)

 The work of Landell de Moura

Landell de Moura is known as the inventor of the wireless telephone and the wireless telegraph. Landell he Moura moved temporarily to the United States with the objective of proving his inventions. Landell de Moura had success patenting in his inventions giving him the status of the most important scientists of that time. (US Patents 775846 A, 771917 A, US775337).

 Impact on the Society

In spite of the wireless technology have its distance limits, today, we have the possibility of communicating with people being localized dispersed in the same city, state or even overseas. The further development of technology such as developed by the priest Landell de Moura allowed us to use mobile/cellphones which helps us to communicate with family, friends, and coworkers, in different localization and without the use of cables.

 Recent studies show that using phone and e-mail is the most common use of technology among Americans. The figure below shows the percentage of communication resources in a recent study among American society:

Figure 1 Poll, 2014



While communication is one of the most natural senses of human beings, technologies help us on such task by allowing resources such as the wireless telephone. In my opinion, society has been positively affected by the use of wireless communication. The example of distance, limits people to communicate, and communication could evict a disaster to happen, or a life to be saved.


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