Pointers in C++ vs References in Java

INTRODUCTION The objective of this small article is to give an introduction about the pointers subject considering the C/C++ programming language, give an introduction how it is implemented with the Java programming language and a conclusion of why pointers are not implemented in Java as it is in c++. THE COMPUTER MEMORY According to Hubbard,Continue reading “Pointers in C++ vs References in Java”

Hardware Polymorphism in the x86 arch

Polymorphism is defined as “having multiple forms”, based on the words of “poly” from the Greek word meaning multiple, and “morphism” from the Greek word which means form, joining together the meaning of multiple forms (Ravichandran, 2001). Polymorphism is pretty much common in high-level programming languages, having different ways of application (The Beginners Book, 2013):Continue reading “Hardware Polymorphism in the x86 arch”

Academic Integrity in a Cultural Context

Intellectual Property is defined by the WIPO as “creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce” (Switzerland, 2014). WIPO – an acronym for World Wide Intellectual Property Organization can be defined as a self-funding agency, containing 187 member states, which its main objectiveContinue reading “Academic Integrity in a Cultural Context”