The Therac-25 Case

INTRODUCTION The objective of this discussion is to introduce the Therac-25 case, explain what happened in this historical event, discuss the ethical responsibilities of such individuals and organizations and at the end provide my viewpoint about this historical event. THE THERAC-25 CASE The way as the software becomes more complex and usable, this is veryContinue reading “The Therac-25 Case”

Bill Gates Letter to Hobbyists

Today I am here to share with you something very interesting about what happened in the ’70s when the code was shared by hobbyists which used to develop software in the universities. I just knew this after watching the movie Revolution OS (which is very nice indeed), and the purpose of this post is toContinue reading “Bill Gates Letter to Hobbyists”

Target Security Breach in 2013

Introduction The main point to be covered in this discussion is the Target Corporation security breach that took place in 2013, which affected customers who swiped their credit and debit cards between Nov. 27/2013 and Dec. 15/2013, and became a very important topic in network security. This security issue was announced via a report writtenContinue reading “Target Security Breach in 2013”