Introduction to the Queue and Stack data structures

INTRODUCTION The main objective of this is small article is to introduce data structures in the computer programming space, and give an introduction and details about the queue and the stack data structures. DATA STRUCTURES A very simple definition of data structure is: ways of organize and store data in computers. The concept of dataContinue reading “Introduction to the Queue and Stack data structures”

Big-O notation explained by a self-taught programmer

This last times I have been studying Big-O notation and so I am posting you a very nice article I found about this topic, for the ones who are starting learning it: Another thing I’ve been palying is the MIT Scratch 🙂

Network Topologies

INTRODUCTION Networking is a very important topic in computer science, and it allows computers to communicate the way information is transferred across clients and servers, and used to share information worldwide. To organize the way computers are interconnected and the way and flow computers communicate is defined by the topology a network is organized. NetworkContinue reading “Network Topologies”

Hardware Polymorphism in the x86 arch

Polymorphism is defined as “having multiple forms”, based on the words of “poly” from the Greek word meaning multiple, and “morphism” from the Greek word which means form, joining together the meaning of multiple forms (Ravichandran, 2001). Polymorphism is pretty much common in high-level programming languages, having different ways of application (The Beginners Book, 2013):Continue reading “Hardware Polymorphism in the x86 arch”