0x034 – Auditing for Security

INTRODUCTION Today we have methods to make it possible to audit systems, which can be used for good or for the worse, and it is something that can be achieved through external or third-part systems, or it can be implemented with some methodology and techniques which allows the investigation and analysis of events which occurred … Continue reading 0x034 – Auditing for Security

0x032 – Electronic Monitoring

INTRODUCTION In spite of the electronic devices such as cameras, fingerprints and identity cards, for instance being used by the police in the past in regards to criminal situations, today is very and very more often that this devices are developed by the industry to help companies on achieving their goals, being possibly regarding policies … Continue reading 0x032 – Electronic Monitoring

0x01A – Personal Information and Privacy on the Internet today

INTRODUCTION The main objective of this small article is to give my point of view on internet privacy and stolen information. PERSONAL DATA AND INFORMATION This is not new for a computer professional that conversations and information can be stolen on many ways which may be using technical flaws, the insecurity of the internet protocols, … Continue reading 0x01A – Personal Information and Privacy on the Internet today

0x015 – Network Hacking

Network Hacking is a very common topic nowadays, and it has been one of the most important topics in computer science since the early years of connectivity and the wide spread of computers and networks. A very simple definition for a hacker is given as “In computer networking, hacking is any technical effort to manipulate … Continue reading 0x015 – Network Hacking

0x00A – Privacy on the Internet – Is there any way to do not be tracked?

Sometimes I am inspired enough to write a post and sometimes not -- the internet is full of irrelevant content and I would not like to share any useless information on my precious blog ;-). The main point which made me write this post is that I was checking my latest downloads and found the … Continue reading 0x00A – Privacy on the Internet – Is there any way to do not be tracked?

0x008 – Target Security Breach in 2013

Introduction The main point to be covered in this discussion is the Target Corporation security breach that took place in 2013, which affected customers who swiped their credit and debit cards between Nov. 27/2013 and Dec. 15/2013, and became a very important topic in network security. This security issue was announced via a report written … Continue reading 0x008 – Target Security Breach in 2013