IT Security

In usage almost 99% of the companies computers, the Windows operating system have huge evidence of its fragility in the protection of malware and spyware, which are easily installed and replicated through many machines in the work environment (Chris Hoffman, 2016).

As a security solution blocking methods including blocking websites, and monitoring the computer activity can be effective in the manner the company evicts to be the spy or even to suffer hacker attacks. I do personally believe most of the blocking are not methods to disallow the usage of the internet, but for sure to improve the security of such companies.

In order to provide access to blocking and internet security some type of products are available such as:

  • Squid – a tool which can be used to block or to improve the internet availability through cache (Squid, 2017);
  • Task monitoring software;
  • Keyloggers;


  • Blocking downloading websites, torrents, porn websites may allow computers to have more security, and evict the heavy workload of replacing and reinstalling the operating system very often;
  • Blocking some retard culture websites may reduce the loss of interest of the employee in the work it is meant to do;


  • Depending on the quantity and what kind of website is blocked by the company, the employee may feel the company doesn’t have trust in his ethical and moral behavior;
  • Many resources are spent to produce this kind of security in companies, employees should be contracted to work on that, software needs to be acquired to that;

Based on my experience and cultural factors, the possibility of measuring the employee productivity having reports and feedback based on every ones productivity doesn’t seem to work well, since the gap in the IT professionals and the difficult to contract professionals may give these professionals somehow a sense of comfort, based on the principle of “if we leave, who is going to do the work”. But of course, this is a cultural aspect that happens in my country since it is difficult to contract IT professionals (Novais, A. 2012).


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The objective of this discussion is to introduce Wikileaks, describe the motivation of such activism, discuss the social impacts in the globalized world and at the end give a conclusion with my personal insight about the subject.

 About Wikileaks

The Wikileaks foundation was created by Julian Assange in 2006. In an analogy, it is very similar to Wikipedia while thousands of contributors worldwide provide his knowledge in order to produce a social tool to provide informative articles or documents. The key difference here is that different from Wikipedia, The Wikileaks is focused on governmental, spy and corruption documentation. This is a community of people who share secrets with this nonprofitable entity, in order to provide transparency between governmental or diplomatic relation between nations (, 2015).

The Motivations for such Activism

The motivations of bringing secrets up to the table can be many, in the enumeration below I list some of the most relevant motivations an organization like Wikileaks to have its importance:

1) Transparency: Usually transparency strikes out corruption. Based on the principle that secrets hold illegal acts or self-benefit motivations, the transparency that Wikileaks can bring to the table especially of diplomatic relations and be deep such to help countries to have benefits and to beat down corrupt governors.

2) The free market in the business: Companies may have thousands of secrets in deals and agreements which may reduce the competitiveness of many other businesses. Ethics and honesty is a key concern here. The Wikileaks foundation may serve as a tool to bring to the table ethical concerns about business deals in some countries or even around the globe (Forbes, 2010).

The ethical aspects of such leaks

Leaks can lead to prisons, scandals and even may cause a war. The ethical aspects of such activism can be glorious to some people but very bad reputation to others, which believe the response of such actions should live in jail. If the discussion is about pure ethics, the Wikileaks foundation does a very decent and important job in the world especially for people which believes in libertarianism.


I conclude this discussion as Julian Assange being a visionary, which created a tool to help people which libertarian mindset, but a headache for many governors and businessman involved in corruption, cartels and power obsession.


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