0x031 – Blocking Methods

In usage almost 99% of the companies computers, the windows operating system have huge evidences of its fragility in the protection of malware and spyware, which are easily installed and replicated through many machines in the work environment (Chris Hoffman, 2016). As a security solution blocking methods including blocking websites, and monitoring the computer activity … Continue reading 0x031 – Blocking Methods

0x02D – The Wikileaks case

Introduction ¬†The objective of this discussion is to introduce Wikileaks, describe the motivation of such activism, discuss the social impacts in the globalized world and at the end give a conclusion with my personal insight about the subject. ¬†About Wikileaks The Wikileaks foundation was created by Julian Assange in 2006. In an analogy it is … Continue reading 0x02D – The Wikileaks case