Overloading Operations

INTRODUCTION The main objective of this small article is to provide an introduction about operators in Java, the possibility of overloading operators and method overloading. OVERLOADING OPERATORS Operators in programming languages are used to assign, and calculate a math expression, for instance. The usual Java operators are: + – * / for addition, subtraction, multiplication,Continue reading “Overloading Operations”

Comparing Objects in Java

THE COMPARISON OPERATOR The Java programming language offer some operators to assign, compare and execute math operations. Considering the object of study in this paper, the operator ”==’ is used in the Java language in order to compare only primitive objects. For instance, if you execute the procedure ‘2 == 2’ or ‘2d == 2d’,Continue reading “Comparing Objects in Java”

Pointers in C++ vs References in Java

INTRODUCTION The objective of this small article is to give an introduction about the pointers subject considering the C/C++ programming language, give an introduction how it is implemented with the Java programming language and a conclusion of why pointers are not implemented in Java as it is in c++. THE COMPUTER MEMORY According to Hubbard,Continue reading “Pointers in C++ vs References in Java”

The Java vs Ruby Programming Languages

INTRODUCTION The main objective of this small article is to introduce the Java and Ruby programming languages, starting by a bit of history, the language characteristics, comparison between the two programming languages and to finish, a conclusion. THE JAVA PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Java is a very similar language to C and C++, therefore with a hugeContinue reading “The Java vs Ruby Programming Languages”