Linux tip: How to mount a BitLocker® NTFS partition on Debian/Ubuntu Linux™

First of all install dislocker, for doing that install aptitude and then $sudo aptitude search dislocker once you find dislocker install it, with: $sudo apt-get install dislocker once you have it installed, then you should run something similar to this: $sudo fdisk -l to discover your disk, and then $sudo dislocker -u[YOUR_PASSWORD_GOES_HERE] /dev/sdb1 /mnt/hdext $sudoContinue reading “Linux tip: How to mount a BitLocker® NTFS partition on Debian/Ubuntu Linux™”

Summarizing a Little Bit Operating Systems

Since the early years in computing, Operating Systems were used in computers to make an interface between the human user and the computer machine. OS or Operating System can be defined by “operating system is the software that controls the overall operation of a computer” (Glenn Brookshear, J, 2011). Nowadays, users have plenty of optionsContinue reading “Summarizing a Little Bit Operating Systems”